Key Milestones

Registration Opens
Sep 28, 2022
Registration DDL
Nov 27, 2022
Finalist Boot Camp
Dec 16-17, 2022
Aug 1, 2022
Early Bird Registration Closes
Nov 15, 2022
Finalists' Announcement
Nov 27 - Dec 15, 2022
Final Competition

Program Events

    Open sign-up: exact dates TBC
      • Masterclasses / lectures: key topics like introduction to the Chinese healthcare sector and introduction to cross-border partnerships to be defined
      • Participants’ exchange forum, where international and Chinese teams can share and discuss ideas online
      • Industry-related roadshows and forums: supported by our partners
    Finalist teams only: exact dates TBC
      • McKinsey coaching session
      • Team-specific mentoring session
      • Zoom presentation skills session

How to Participate

Form a Team

All participants must be enrolled in full-time tertiary education (not restricted to MBAs) as of December 2022. The competition is open to local and global students.

Select a China-based Innovation

Teams can choose to either:

  • Take an existing product, service or business model from a public or private entity operating in China to another country or regional context.
  • Create a new solution based on an existing product, offering or model from a public or private entity operating in China, and bringing it to another country or regional context.

Register and Submit

  • Early registration end on Sep 27th
  • Register your team and submit your BP at the latest by Nov 15th

Team Requirements

  • Each team must be between 2-6 people. Only one person from each team need to register and pay the registration fee.
  • Team members must be from the same educational institution.
  • All team members must be enrolled in a full-time postgraduate programme (not limited to MBAs) as of December 2022.
  • Teams must register via our registration link and submit the registration fee of USD 150 by 23:59, 15 November 2022 (GMT+8).
  • Early submissions before 23:59, 27 September (GMT+8) can enjoy the Early Bird registration fee of USD 100.

Business Plan Requirement

  • The BP submission must be original work.
  • The submitted business plan can be in English OR Chinese. Both languages will be accepted.
  • The BP submission must be no more than 10 pages (including cover page), with no more than 3 additional pages of appendix.
  • The BP submission must be prepared and ordered according to the table (see “More Info” below). Failure to meet the structure and content requirements below will be penalized during the shortlist evaluation process.
  • If selected as a finalist team, teams would be given two additional weeks to edit their BPs. The registration BP submission does not have to be your final presentation version (if selected as a finalist team).
More Info


 SectionSuggested Questions to Answer
0Cover Page

Your cover page must include:

  • Full names of all team members
  • Institutions to which the team members belong
1Executive summary
  • Product/service/business model must have a reference from Greater China. Please identify this clearly and list at least one company in China as the reference.
  • Business plan must include a location (can be as specific or general as you want, as long as you explain your rationale) outside of China. Please identify this clearly.
2Business idea
  • What is your product/service/business model?
  • Where do you want to commercialise it?
  • Why was this location chosen?
  • What is the problem that you are solving?
3Societal impact
  • What is the social impact of your solution? (Feel free to measure this according to your own judgement, including but not limited to number of people affected, savings in public healthcare expenditures, improvement in healthcare outcomes, environmental sustainability measures, etc.)
4Market analysis
  • What are your target market segment(s)?
  • What are the size and growth of these target markets?
5Competition analysis
  • Who are your competitors?
  • How does your offering compare with those of your competitors?
6Business model
  • How will your business generate revenue and profit?
  • How will you implement this idea?
7Stakeholder Mapping
  • Who are the key stakeholders you would need to involve during this entire process?
8Financials projections
  • How much funding (initial and follow-on) is needed?
  • What would be the revenues and costs for the next 5 years?Would the project be profitable within the next 5 years? If not, when do you expect the project to be profitable? How will you sustain the project/company until then?
9Risks and mitigation
  • What risks (such as business risks, safety risks, and regulatory risks) do you see with your business, and how might you mitigate them?


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Shortlist Selection Criteria and Weight
Weight 20% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 5%
Category Market Potential Innovativeness Business Model Feasibility Financials Impact & ESG Clarity/ Design

Winner Rewards

    USD 10,000
    USD 5,000
    USD 3,000